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  • SpinupWP

    Deploy and manage WordPress sites

    $500 - $1000 per standard article

    Get paid to share your knowledge on systems administration, caching, WordPress hosting, DevOps, site deployment or other server-related topics you enjoy.

    Open to new writers

  • Airbyte

    ETL platform with thousands of integrations

    $450 - $900 per standard article

    Articles must feature Airbyte integrations.

  • memphis.dev

    Event streaming platform and message broker

    $500 - $800 per standard article


    Write in-depth pieces relevant to memphis.dev in Go

    Open to new writers

  • ContentLab

    Technical content agency with numerous enterprise clients

    $200 - $700 per standard article


    Quoted rate range is for articles, depending on length. Also offers paid opportunities for outlining and content planning, plus higher fees for larger projects.

  • Twilio

    Platform for sending SMS and email notifications

    $500 - $650 per standard article

    Most tutorials involve one or more of Twilio's APIs.

  • Argot

    Technical content agency for SaaS vendors

    $600 per standard article


    Open to new writers

  • Bastion

    A platform for building web3 products

    $300 - $600 per standard article


    Higher rates available for proven writers and complex projects

    Open to new writers

  • $350 - $600 per standard article

    Also provides physical CircleCI swag with your first post.

    Open to new writers

  • Colabra

    Best practices for scientific research

    $300 - $600 per standard article


    Lab science, not computer science.

    Open to new writers

  • Dev Spotlight

    Content agency for full-stack development topics

    $600 per standard article


    Pay may far exceed $600 based on scope & experience. Requires proven technical expertise plus writing skills.

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