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Here is a very partial and incomplete list of sites known to pay for technical tutorials and other articles of interest to software developers. I do not necessarily know much about or endorse any given site on this list. I have written for some of the sites on this list. Information on this site may not be accurate or up-to-date.

Please use the form to submit more sites to the list and provide feedback about other information this site could contain. This site is currently in the beta stage on the account of not yet having anything that a neutral third party would call a "feature."

Publications (49)

PublisherTopicsFirst Article RatesNotes
A List Apart Web Design and Development Unknown
Auth0 Using Auth0 in applications 150
Baeldung Java Ecosystem 35-160
CareersJS JavaScript 400
CircleCI Various 300
Couchbase NoSQL Applications 200
CSS Tricks CSS 250
Dev Spotlight Various Pays
DevOps.com DevOps Unknown
DigitalOcean Cloud Hosting, OSS, Infrastructure, Linux 300
DZone Various Pays
FaunaDB Uses of FaunaDB 200-500
FloydHub AI/ML, data science 150
Fly Cloud Hosting, Infrastructure 150
FusionAuth Using FusionAuth API in applications Pays
Hit Subscribe Various Unknown
Honeybadger Rails, Elixir 500
How-To Geek General Tech Pays
Infatica Web Scraping, Proxies 100
Ionos DevOps 200
Linode Cloud Hosting, OSS, Infrastructure, Linux 300
LogRocket Web Design and Development 350
LWN Linux News 300-350
Make Use Of General Tech 120
Nuts and Volts Electronics Unknown
Okta Various Pays Usually hires via TopTal
Opensource.com Various Unknown
PaperSpace AI/ML, data science 200-300
PHP Architect PHP 175
PonyFoo Various Unknown
Postmark Using Postmark 300 Currently not accepting submissions
Programmable Web APIs Unknown
Rancher Writing Program Cloud Technology Pays
Real Python Python Pays
Scotch Web Design and Development 100-300 Owned by Digital Ocean
Sitepoint Web Design and Development 200
Smart Business Trends General Marketing 200
Smashing Magazine Web Design and Development 200
Software Engineering Daily Various Pays
TakeShape JAMStack 300
TechWell Various 200
Testdriven Web Development 300-500
The Clubhouse Various 350
Tutorialspoint Various 500
Tutsplus Full Stack Web Development 250
Twilio Using Twilio in applications 500 Contact individual editors
Vonage Using Vonage in applications 500
WPHUB Wordpress 200
Zift Children's Technology 100



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